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This will give you an idea of the flavour of the book. Some chapters are longer than others !

Fuji Rock Fiasco – Rather Bad Seeds

Hey Ho Lets Go –  I Get Born

Ring Ring Goes the Bell – School Daze

The Lure of the Tropics – Teenage Boogaloo Dude

Living in the Seventies – Calm Before the Storm

Little Egypt – Cairo and more

London’s semi Brilliant Parade – Still Dull

White Light / White Heat – High Fidelity

Blondes Have More Fun – Booting Lou Reed

All Aboard for Fun Times – Punk arrives in Sydney

Xerox Music – Here at Last

Safety In Numbers – A Growing Concern

Grand Ambitions and Civic Duty – In the City

The Outer Limits – Be Suburban

You Only Think Twice – Doublethink

Easy Being GREEN – A Change of Face

On the Road – Get in the  Van

Highlights of a Dangerous Life – The Johnnys

The Ballad of Wee Jasper – Tanaka and the Hillbillies

More Highlights, More Danger – More Johnnys

Wild Things – Throw in the Troggs

Like Calling Up Thunder – the Gun Club

Poster Wars – Read the Writing on the Wall

Spider Tap – Lime Green stuff

Anything Could Happen – Flying Nun comes along

Japan in a Dishpan – Try to make it in Nippon

How I Flushed Rick’s Teeth Down the Toilet – yep

The World’s Got Everything in it – More Japan

Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam – Up yours Christian Soldier

Heaven in Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins

Dive For Your Memory – Go-Betweens

Taking Care of Business – Managing to Manage

I’m giving up my 9 to 5 – Lost in Music

Thrive – Growing Up

The Good Son – Nick Cave

International Bright Young Things – Jesus Jones

PiL Story – it’s a Rotten business

Def Con One – Nightmare at 20,000 Feet – Pop Will Eat Itself

We get Weird – introducing Howeird

Easy Come, Easy Go – How to break your own bank

Now we are Lobrow – Proprietary Limited

Beef (How Low can You go ? ) – Gary Clail

Television’s Over – Television

Groucho Marks – Soho Squares

Blue Heelers – Dilemma

Soldiers – You Am I at Budokan

The Polyphonic Spree – Polygram Beckons

I’m Gonna Get me a Gun – Lawyers

The General Electric – Shihad

On the Road (Again) – More touring

Your Funeral, My Trial – Michael Hutchence

Parallel Lies – Importing some Bullshit

Back in the USSR – Paul McCartney in Red Square

A Wizard, A True Star – Todd Rundgren

Boots – Nancy Sinatra and the B52s

Glastonbury – From broke to biscuits and back

Festival Beckons – News from News

Cannes the Cannes –  Midementia

Some Boiled Frogs – Festival staff

T. Rextasy – Looking after T. Rex

Bijou and Mael Models – Artistic Licences

Sound and Vision – Music for Films

The Sequel – Music for Films pt 2

Staffing Up – Getting Big while staying small

Jive Talking – Hit me Baby, One more Time

Rollin’ – On a roll

I believe you, Mr Wilson – Factory supremo and me

Chairman of the Board – That’s me

Big in Japan – Getting there

Other Worldly – International Passport to Pleasure

International Rescue – Gerry Anderson

Brussels Sprouts –  PIAS come to the Party

London Calling (again ) – Back in Black

Hullabaloo – Musing on Muse

HeHullabaloo – Musing on Muse

Death Disco – Alan McGee and Me

The D4 and the Sake Bombs – Magic Drinking Castle

The Clash are Full of Shit – yeah whatever

Push It – garbage

The Hong Kong Farewell – A Tale of One City

How I Put my Foot in It – Disrupting Paul Foot

You don’t need Skill , just the interest

Independents Day – Indy 500

Exhibitionists – Festival Turns 50

People Funny Boy – Stephen Cummings

Wired For Sound – Let’s get Digital

Big Champagne – Primitives times

Everything Now – On Demand musings

How Bizarre – Phil Spector and OMC

( When there’s This ) Party – Kylie in Milan

Post Hypnotic – After the Flood

Trouble’s Plaything –  Ben  Mullins at Steve Earle’s

Station to Station – Trans Europe Express

Radio with Pictures –  Moshcam

Ennossification – Drawn from Life

Peace, Love and Under Surveillance 

Future Perfect ? – Who Knows ?

Stranger than Fiction – Random Weird Shit

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